Actions are what give life its shape

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There is an explicit difference between thinking and doing. To think is a virtual move. It happens only within your mind and have no real effect. To act is a real move. Actions are performed within the world. It is an objective interaction with others, with your self or with the environment you are in.

Though one may argue that a thought is the driver of an action, that doesn’t matter if the action is not performed (furthermore, not all actions are preceded by thinking, e.g. Intuition comes first).

Modernity has brought many gifts, such as abundance of resources, more equanimity, more optionality, better science and capacity to transform the world according to our will. But it also brought new problems, vices and addictions, such as The problem of becoming too cerebral and over-rational and The problem with comfort.

Differently from ancient times, since enlightenment more and more of us have the privilege of make a living on thinking. Intellectual jobs started to appear more and more until our contemporaneity, when many of the most praised and well paid jobs are inside offices. The improvement on our life patterns, the reduction of nature risks enabled us to believe in the fallacy of the thought and the will.

Urban centers make it even more explicit. Supermarkets, shopping-malls and delivery systems get us used to have whatever we want and whenever we want it. You just need to think, and you can have it done. And this pushes us to the wrong idea that thinking has the power to change life.

But that’s not true.

When we just think we are actually choosing a path of inaction. We are delegating our responsibility to move to external circumstances. We are waiting for the world to come to us instead of going for it.

Although, not acting is still an action. Inaction shapes our lives as much as moving actively. The difference is that by not acting by will, we will be forced to act against our will.

Acting is mandatory for living beings. Then, instead of leaving our actions to the drift and waiting for the world to move first, we should choose our actions wisely. Of course, we will need to know how to respond to the world. Neither the most pro-active person of all time wound be always active. Because we don’t control reality.

But not having the control upon the world shouldn’t be an excuse for passivity. We should act first, act in the direction of what we believe is right, and be ready to answer accordingly to when the world responds back.



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